About my Website and Me!

Well I'm Geekish, Girly, and Tom Boyish and my name is Krist, yes I know it is a weird name but I AM A GIRL. My website is about blogs, my dream, and lots of other things. Well this is my first website. You guys should all know that because it's on the homepage. Well I'm really smart and really nice. I don't tattle tale, if someone did something I wouldn't say anything, which means I'm really shy. My website really was just for fun! Well I do a lot of embarassing things sometimes. I'm funny and sensitive. If I'm really happy and I am around people then I will only sometimes make a joke. Well back to my website. My website was inspired bye the Disney Channel movie "Frenemies" as you all already know if you bother to read articles on my home page. I love that movie! This is all the things you need to know about my website and I! ENJOY!!!! =3

Please Love Fashionlygeeknchic.webnode.com and come back!

If you came to visit Fashionlygeeknchic.webnode.com I hope you had a nice visit! Well if you did have a nice visit please come back! This is very special to me so you know what to do: COME BACK AND LOVE MY WEBSITE! If you didn't like it I understand. But I do hope that you have a great time on Fashionlygeeknchic.webnode.com!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Well I made this website by myself. I was watching a movie then after, I wanted to make this website so yeah! JUST ME-I made it!